Fee for services version:

The TV team from Gary Green Gaming Inc. comes in without the cameras and provides analysis and recommendations for either the full operation or for individual concentration areas. Maybe the television spotlight is not for you; maybe the added benefits that national television brings is not something that you are ready to explore. But, perhaps you still need help. Using Gary Green Gaming Inc.’s copyrighted and patented proprietary zero-based operational methodologies ©, Gary and his team still can evaluate the entire operation or individual components for the focus of a “rescue.” With the same vigor and precision brought to the national television audience, we bring you an entire team of specialists from our constantly growing staff and ad-hoc team of some of the most successful specialists in the industry, Our operating, marketing, and staff-mentoring methodologies are repeatedly proven to increase casino, hotel, and/or resort revenues by an average of 40%; and often even more. Because our team is augmented by television revenue, we are able to provide you a level of expertise at costs far less than such a team would normally garner. Contact our CEO, Buddy Levy, directly to have him tailor a program specifically for your needs:   BLevy@GaryGreenGaming.com

TV Show Version:

The Casino Rescue Team comes to your casino and generates positive nationwide television exposure… making players want to come to your casino! Among the benefits of participating in the television series: Tens of thousands of dollars in free consulting services from some of the industry’s top professionals. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in free positive publicity / advertising for the casino on national television. Tens of thousands of dollars in free products and services from affiliated vendors. A genuine fix to real problems and issues conservatively working with you for your future. The producers are looking for high-profile and/or large properties, either in Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, or a major Native American casino. Size, location, and number of machines is not the criteria. The producers are looking for casinos that make a good story and give good visuals. Gary is looking for casinos that genuinely can benefit from his team’s expertise and the exciting exposure.
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Genuine Assistance

Complex problems are the daily fare in the casino gaming industry; it comes with the high-profit potential.  Most of the time these problems exist regardless of the very best operators, GM’s, and casino staff. THAT is where we come in: with either a “rescue” for the television series, or a quietly unpublicized surgical correction of problems. Our work with you can address either overall, wholesale, issues or any one of a number of critical areas; either as a quiet consultation or for the TV show. If you elect to use the television show method, there are incredible benefits to the publicity and unlike other “rescue” or “impossible” shows in this genre, Casino Rescue will NOT position casino management or ownership as incompetents. Rather,  we will see to it that they are portrayed as savvy enough to recognize issues beyond their control and smart enough to bring in his team of the industry’s top specialists to identify and tackle the issues, working with them to create success. While multiple cable networks have expressed  interest in the show one major broadcast network has requested the pilot. With either method, TV or privately, former Trump titan and casino guru Gary Green and his team of experts visit casinos struggling with issues and help turn them into shining beacons of successful business.  On television, every week Gary and his team tackle the hard issues, using a combined 75-plus years of gambling science and know-how to bring life back to troubled casinos.
How should your casino measure success ? How profitable can (or should) a casino be? How much debt can a casino realistically service? What return on investment should casino owners expect?
Operational efficiencies Marketing Staff development and mentoring Operational decisions that impact configuration of host systems Player point paradigms Ratios of FTE’s to revenue pro forma. Effective new customer attraction programs and customer retention programs Game evaluation Internal controls and regulatory evaluation Surveillance and Security F&B (with celebrity chefs)
Budgeting, accounting, audit Forecasting and projections Performance evaluation Equipment evaluation Contract review Spending patterns Player development Promotions, rebates, comps On-line presence IT Entertainment & showroom Interdepartmental relationships … and many other areas

What Do We Look For?

either all together or individually What happens when revenue doesn’t live up to the feasibility study, or the pro forma, or the owners’ dreams’ or even last year’s results?  You call us, THAT is what!